YouTube video of a presentation of Near Death Experiences

Back in May of 2018, we were privileged to host a Special given by Lynn Echevarria.

The event was titled ‘Exploring Life and the Afterlife: Near Death Experiences, Science, and Bahai Perspectives’.

Lynn came to us from Vancouver Island in British Columbia in Canada to give a PowerPoint presentation on near death experiences. Lynn is an Emeritus Professor at the university of Yukon where she has lived for many years.

Originally from the UK (and a cousin of church member Gwyneth Davison), Lynn has a long a long family history in Spiritualism and as a child attended Daulby St Church in Liverpool where her father’s family had gone for many years before.

Lynn’s presentation was extremely profound and was received with great interest by all who attended. Well the good news is that Lynn has made a video of the same presentation she gave us and emailed us this week to share it. Thank you so much Lynn! Anyway, here it is to view. Please view it and enjoy it – it’s long at 1 hour 15 minutes but do find time to view it, if not all at once, then in bite size chunks – you will surely find it as evidence that life goes on after this life.