A Spiritualist Is It, You Profess To Be

A spiritualist is it, you profess to be,
Then answer these questions and we shall see.
Do you lean to God, or lean to man,
Is your pleasure in giving, or to take all you can?

Do you pray for all or only a few,
Do you do unto others as you’d have done unto you?
When you meet up with gossip do your ears turn away,
Or prefer to listen and be the same as they?

Do you cling to someone because they are of use,
And don’t care about others you know they abuse?
Whether you’re right or wrong do you go your own way,
Or be guided by spirit and pay heed to their say?

Spirit teaches about love, but here is a fact,
Your free will is yours, and up to you how you act.

When you sit in circles for development,
Do you give help to others, or their gifts resent?

Are you jealous if another’s’ progression is high?
Do you think it’s not fair and ask but why,
Should it not be me, I’ve waited so long?
Do you think that the law of God is wrong?

Are you true to yourself or merely pretend?
Are you really a Judas just feigning a friend?
Would you help those gifted to the top of the tree?
Could you honestly say I’m glad it’s not me?

Do you see the beauty in a spiritual face,
Or, in envy, half turn from the Light of Grace?

To a confidence betrayed would you listen with glee,
And be honoured to think that this person trusts me?

Or, would you think of the saying of words that are true,
What they’ll do to another, they’ll do unto me?

This life is a schooling, it depends how you learn,
Great gifts of the spirit we all have to earn.

If you’ve awaken to truth then you will know,
There’s no doubt about it, we’ll reap what we sow.

On the pathway of Light the desire is to teach,
And the best way is to practice all the good that you preach.

If you cannot obey, then you cannot command.

Do you recognize truth when it stares in your face,
That all of creation in the world has a place?
If you act on the things that you know are forbidden,

Does your consciousness, God, tell you nothing is hidden?
For, when you pass through the veil, your true self will be shown,
And all that you’ve done to those you have known.

The spiritualist movement deserves only the best,
Sorting the chaff from the wheat is the great spirit test.

For many have learned, and there’s many agreed,
What they thought was a flower, just turned out a weed.
No one can judge you, for there are only two,
When the time comes for judgement, there’s God and there’s you.

If these questions you can answer, with truth as your aim,
May God bless you, and help you, you are all that you claim.
No apology is offered if these words offend,
In the service of Truth, one cannot pretend.