Coronavirus update

Update on 27th September, 2020 – unfortunately, the church still remains closed until further notice because of the current situation so please continue to ignore the information in the events calendar to the right. In the meantime, we have decided to broadcast services on Facebook Live on our church Facebook page on Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. commencing Sunday 4th October. More details here

The Church shutdown

Although the Church is closed at this difficult time, it doesn’t mean it is not working. Our little Church is a centre of love and of healing and this emanates out to all who ask for it no matter where you are. All you need to do is to find a quiet moment, close your eyes and imagine yourself inside our little Church and you will be enveloped in love and you will feel that healing energy sweep over you, filling every atom of your being with strength and upliftment. 

Remember to send out healing thoughts to others, for the more we ask for others the more we receive ourselves. As we say in all our healing prayers, thoughts are real things, and as we send out distant healing thoughts to those in need, those we have held in our mind for a few moment, a few seconds, will have received the love and the healing from the Almighty. Whatever he gives to them we will be grateful for. 

Fill yourself with contentment, patience and love. 

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. 

Ralph (President)

Holywell Spiritualist Church is a beautiful little church looking over the beautiful North Wales countryside and Dee Estuary.  The church is not far away from St Winifred’s Wells, praised for their healing properties and often referred to as the Lourdes of North Wales.  Healing is a big part of both Holywell and our little community and we welcome all people of all faiths to visit us for healing and join in the services, events, and workshops.

Spiritualist Church
Holywell Spiritualist Church is affiliated with the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church.  We hold a weekly divine service, which blends mediumship with worship.

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Healing Sanctuary
Healing really is in the very heart of the church and we hold weekly healing circles and 1 to 1 healing clinics every week.  Many people find just visiting the church a rejuvenating and healing experience.

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Holywell Spiritualist ChurchSpiritual Centre
The church also acts as a spiritual centre for the area, with lots of activities and events including awareness and development classes, monthly discussion groups and much more at the Church.

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