Healing Circle North Wales

Holywell Church Healing Circle

A Healing Circle is held every Wednesday evening 7:30 to 9pm at Holywell Spiritualist Church. There are about 10 Healers who give their services on a regular basis, but not usually all at the same time.

The Circle usually consists of about 14 to 20 persons, of which there may be as many as 8 Healers. The Chairman for the evening then asks for all members to hold hands with the  person next to them. A short prayer is said by the Chairman to ask for guidance, protection, and healing  for general things such as children in need, persons in hospital, countries with famine and war etc. The hands are released followed by the Lords Prayer.

Starting with the Chairman and moving clockwise, each person, in turn, asks for the Light of Love and Healing to touch the persons of their choice. When it is back to the Chairman, he will lead the Circle in a short meditation to raise the vibrations of the Circle and prepare it for the Hands – On Healing.

The Healing usually lasts for approximately 20 minutes per person and is followed by a closing prayer of thanks for the Healing.

All participants are then invited into the kitchen area for tea, coffee, cakes, biscuits and a general chat.

The Healing Trust

If you are taking healer training with the Healing Trust and live in North Wales or the North West and would like some healing practice, why not do some healing at the above Wednesday evening healing circle? Several of our healers are accredited Healer Members of the Trust and are available for mentoring. If you would like to discuss or would like more information, contact Ralph Higgs, Church President on 01492 478132.