Healing for Ebola

Last night at the church (Thursday, 24th October, 2019) Bill Ellis led a well attended, very interesting evening to send spiritual power from our collective awarenesses to the emerging problem of Ebola in the Congo.

Bill talked about the amazing power of ‘pure awareness’ to generate scalar energy for healing. We listened to CD’s to guide us in focussing on our individual awareness spreading out across the world, the universe, the galaxies and all creation.

The evening culminated in a a final exercise where we meditated on energising a dome above a map of Africa to send scalar energy down to the land mass. We witnessed a demonstration of dowsing with L rods to check if the healing had been successful. According to the answer, it had been. Also, Bill did a demonstration of awareness healing on one of the group.

All in all, a powerful, thought provoking evening