Profile of Ralph Higgs, Church President

Ralph came late into Spiritualism. Having studied Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough College he worked for Blackburn and General Aircraft Company in Brough East Yorkshire. Rationalisation in the aircraft industry at that time saw employment transferred to Hawker Siddeley, then British Aerospace, and with a change of jobs saw Ralph working at Broughton here in Wales.

After 30 years in industry he took welcome redundancy which enabled him to explore other interests such as beekeeping, gardening, jam making, floral art and country market. It was at this time he was introduced to our church founders Ernie and Beryl Springall who guided him along a pathway into Spiritualism and Healing.

He has been President of the church for some 16 years and says he feels the success of the church in Holywell is that we have maintained a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. We have a talented group of people dedicated to helping those seeking self-fulfilment, along with a commitment to helping anyone who needs reassurance and healing. We don’t have fixed dogmas and maintain a free and easy approach to Spiritualism, an atmosphere in which anyone can feel comfortable. Long may this continue and long may we be of service to the community and those who visit us.