Profile of Helen Jones, Church Vice President

Helen's photo

Helen has been a leading member of Holywell Spiritualist Church since the beginning. She has held a number of roles in the church including Vice President for 30 years, Booking Secretary for 10 Years and Treasurer for 12 years.

We asked Helen for her story and this is what she said …..

“I have been a Spiritualist all my life. My mother used to take me to the local church where I lived in London as a child. I remembered getting a message when I was about 10 years old that was very accurate and thinking to myself that whatever problems I might have in my life, I would always be able to overcome them through the religion, a view that has proved right on so many occasions.

When I was older, I joined a circle with many talented and sincere people. They taught me a lot and later I became a medium myself.

I love the philosophy and have a very special guide that speaks through me, giving a lovely insight to eternal life, his words are full of love and uplifting and can be very inspiring in times of need.

I also do some clairvoyance but this is not something I have the same love for. When I give readings, I see everything in pictures and have to interpret them.

I have been with the church since the beginning, getting to know Beryl and Ernie when they were training to become healers. Two wonderful people, we owe much to their generosity. It has been a wonderful journey watching the church go from strength to strength making many friends and meeting interesting people. Long may it remain a place of love, healing and light.”