Profile of Peter Jackson

Peter recently served our church and has served our church many times over the years.

We asked Peter to give us a profile of himself and his work and this is what he said.

Hi, my name is Peter Jackson. I have been developing as a medium for over 20 years, and have been demonstrating and teaching for around 12 years, I run my own centre in St Helens called the Spiritual Truth Centre along with my Wife Karen who is also a medium and teacher

As a spiritualist medium it is my job to not only prove the existence of life after physical death but to also prove that this life is intelligent life.

This means that your loved ones keep their personality, their memories and of course their love for you.

Not only that, they are around us in our everyday lives, keeping an eye on how we are doing, and trying to help us and guide us.

I couldn’t ever imagine not demonstrating or teaching my Mediumship as it is a part of who I am. I believe that everyone is capable of being a Medium, it just needs to be the right time in your life, a keenness to learn and of course time and passion.

To know more about me log on to my website