New – Open Circle starting 23rd February

Every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. starting Thursday 23rd February, Ted will be leading an ‘open circle’ at the church. The open circle proved extremely popular when we last held one at the church.

So what happens in an open circle?

It usually starts with a prayer and short meditation and then everyone sits on chairs arranged in a circle with the lights down a little. Then anyone who has an insight or has some philosophy to impart or perhaps a message can share it with the group. Anyone can pipe up even if they only have something short to say. But there’s no pressure whatsoever for an individual to say anything if nothing comes to mind.

Before or at the end of the circle, a freewill collection is taken, and a closing prayer will be said.

The evening concludes with a friendly cup of tea or coffee and a chat.

Everyone is most welcome. We look forward to seeing you.