Holywell Church 31st Anniversary last night

Last night (21st May, 2017) was a cause for celebration at the church as it was our 31 years anniversary!

President Ralph Higgs and Vice President Helen Jones welcomed to the church our special guest, the Reverend David Harris, former Vice President of the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association to which the church is affiliated. Helen chaired with David giving the opening prayer, the address and messages from spirit.

For the philosophy part of the service, David gave an inspiring address on the subject of our soul pathway and the need to help others. Helen then gave a most interesting talk on how the church was originally set up by early pioneers Beryl and Ernie Springall and how it was later gifted by Beryl and Ernie to a group of inspired volunteers to take it forward. Helen explained how the church has developed over the years to what it is today – a wonderful spiritual and healing centre.

Following David’s messages from spirit, everyone enjoyed refreshments in the kitchen. To end a wonderful evening, there was the cutting of a celebratory cake by the Rev David Harris together with Helen Jones.

All in all, it was a night to remember.