Monday’s Awareness Group goes from strength to strength

The Monday evening awareness group led by Clare (and sometimes by Marilyn when Clare is away) has now been running for 18 months and we thought we’d post an update on the great progress being made.

The group enjoys a really varied programme of spiritual knowledge awareness every week with subjects such as meditation, psychometry, spiritual knowledge, how to develop, crystals and other topics.

The group now regularly has over 20 people attending most Monday evenings with fresh members still coming on board – the word spreads fast! Clare reports that she is extremely pleased with everyone’s progress. In fact, several people are almost ready for platform demonstrations which is fantastic! Clare says she may book a special ‘fledgling evening’ at some point in the future at which some of the class can try at their new skills doing platform demonstrations. According to Clare, particularly pleasing is the observation that when an individual develops their psychic awareness in a class such as this one, it can give a real boost to their confidence and can be life changing in many ways.

We are really pleased that everyone is developing and enjoying the learning they receive in the Group.

Peter Maddern