Profile of medium Joy Fernavs

Joy has served our church several times and has fantastic ability to communicate with spirit. We asked Joy about how she got started on her journey and her current path and this is what she told us:-

“I got started when I was round about 4 years old. My father passed away and I couldn’t understand why all the family were upset because I could “see” my father sitting on the stairs next to me and that was the very first time I’d seen spirit. When I mentioned this to the family, it wasn’t believed. It just carried on from there but when I got to about 13 years old I stopped seeing spirit and it seemed to me that that was spirit giving me time to live through my teenage years. 

It started back up again when I was about 17 years old and I thought I’d better start doing something with this gift. At that time, I started going to awareness classes, although they weren’t actually called awareness classes back then! It was just a group of like-minded people who got together in each other’s houses to discuss spiritual matters. From then on, it seemed to develop and develop. At the age of about 22, I started doing platform work and thankfully, it’s just gone on from strength to strength from there. 

I feel blessed with my work. I want to carry on the same path I’m on at the moment because I like to help people. I always think that I’ve been given a gift and if you can help just one person with your gift, then it’s been a gift well given. I do try my very best to teach others in the same way. I teach others in a weekly workshop. It’s my passion and I sometimes turn down invitations to go on the rostrum to make sure I’m here for my learners. 

As well as working on the rostrum, I’ve done quite a bit of stage mediumship. I’ve worked in a couple of the hotels in Blackpool and I once did a demonstration in front of over a thousand people in Ruabon. I absolutely love what I do and I feel blessed. 

With my rostrum work, I work in churches across the UK. I’ve worked in Bangor, Holyhead, around Anglesey, Llanelli and even faraway places such as Blackpool and Barrow in Furness”

Thank you so much Joy for sharing your wonderful spiritual development and for all the work you do.

Holywell Spiritualist Church and Healing Sanctuary