Spirit versus Ego

Gwyneth gave a memorable reading when she chaired for Paul Eyre from Manchester last night (Sunday, 5th May) and we were so taken with it that we’ve printed it below for us and others to remind ourselves of these spiritual sentiments.

The Battle Within us

Our Ego seeks to serve itself
Our Spirit seeks to serve others

Our Ego wants recognition
Our spirit has authenticity

The Ego sees life as a competition
To the spirit, life is a gift

Ego looks outwards
Spirit looks inwards

Ego fears lacking prestige
Spirit is abundant

Ego is drawn to Lust
Spirit love has no boundaries or limits

Ego boasts of wisdom
Spirit has wisdom within

Ego wants the prize
Spirit enjoys the journey

The ego can inflict pain
The Spirit within us is the source of healing

Ego tries to bargain with God
Spirit embraces God

The ego is never satisfied, always wanting more
Spirit thrives on selflessness and giving

Ego wants adulation and fame
Spirit is content just to be

Ego is all about Me Me Me
Spirit is love for all

When oh when will we see
That only when we relinquish our egos

That only then can we set
Our Spirits free to soar

And the riches of Heaven and earth
Will be ours now and for ever more

Battle won