Our 2019 Anniversary Service and Christening

What an evening! Our 32 years Anniversary Divine Service last night (taken by the Rev David Harris with Helen chairing) was wonderful and was enjoyed by all. The church was full – a sincere thank you to all who came for the Anniversary and for the christening of Michael and Hayley’s daughter Sienna Seren.

Helen gave a brief talk about how our church was founded and this was followed by the hymn which was about keeping your light shining and Rev David Harris based his philosophy on the hymn. He said how people are drawn to you because their spirit recognises the light shining from your spirit even if you are unaware of it. And that this can happen anywhere – for instance when someone chats to you at a bus stop or in a queue. And how it might just be a brief conversation, but it may bring healing to the other person. So we should all try to keep our lights shining in order to make these connections. And we should strive to help and speak to others whenever we get the chance.

The main service was followed by the Christening of Sienna Seren which was beautiful. Sienna was laughing and smiling throughout and happily went to the Rev David Harris who gave the blessing. Sienna thought having the water trickled on her head was very funny. The whole service was delightful and enjoyed by all. Afterwards in the kitchen it was busy with plenty of food laid on and love and laughter.

Thanks to Sue for the photos and to Gwyneth for the information.