Healing circle philosophy – Wednesday 14th November, 2018

The text below was tonight’s healing circle philosophy (condensed from the original). Thank you to all who attended our lovely circle this evening…..🙏❤
Random Acts of Kindness (Nicolas Capra, Spiritual Teacher, USA)
It is a scientific fact that all things are composed of energy. We know that cells breakdown to molecules, molecules to atoms and atoms to pure energy. Thus, the entire universe is one flowing stream of vibrating energy. Even though it looks to our minds eye that we are individual and separate, we are all actually totally interconnected with each other and with everything. This is why it is impossible to hurt someone or thing without hurting ourselves. On the flipside of that, you cannot help someone (or thing) without helping yourself; and, all things being connected, every act of kindness no matter how large or small, actually causes a reverberation of positive energy, that is felt by the entire world!
There has been a catch phrase that has become very trendy of recent years, “random acts of kindness”. While these “random” acts are good and positive, why would one desire to do acts of kindness “randomly”? Instead, for greatest positive energetic effect for the entire world, one should practice continuous acts of kindness. The word random seems to give the connotation that the acts of kindness are happening on a lottery basis. Everyone should be kind to everyone and everything else (animals, the environment, etc.), continuously!
The Golden Rule, takes on a deeper meaning still, when you realise that by practising loving others (without exception, unconditionally), and truly loving yourself, you come into alignment with the most powerful vibrational energy of all. Take on every task in the spirit of absolute joy. Everything that is done humbly, joyfully and without complaint is a great kindness to the world. Look upon these times as opportunities to serve. It may sound a bit cliche but the truth remains, “change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.” When you begin to seek out opportunities to serve, what you are truly doing is helping others, and by definition, helping yourself, which will cause great goodness to flow into your own life like magic. It takes practice, but you will soon find it is well worth the effort. Like energy attracts like energy, see what happens by practising Love, Peace and Kindness (the highest vibrations) on an ongoing basis.💥